(ANSA) – PERUGIA, 5 APR – Gruppo Corriere srl, publisher of the ‘Corriere’ newspapers, including Corriere dell’Umbria, di Viterbo, di Rieti, di Siena, di Arezzo and della Maremma, was taken over today from Edi.B spa, a subsidiary of Cementerie Barbetti spa, by Finanziaria Tosinvest spa.
It was reported in a note published by the Umbrian newspaper.
“With this takeover – the communication continues – Finanziaria Tosinvest spa will strengthen its presence in the world of publishing, especially on the local front, where Corriere dell’Umbria has for over thirty years been the acknowledged leader par excellence in the sector of local information in the Region, with an increase of approximately 20% in the number of its readers during the year 2011-2012 (Audipress data 2012/III); the other daily newspapers in the group constitute major benchmarks for the provision of local information”.

A meeting will be called in the next few days to nominate the new board of directors. Antonella Barbetti – the note concludes – will act as honorary chairman.

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